“…on a par with any other studio that I’ve had the good fortune to work in internationally”

Oscar winning composer
Last of the Mohicans | Mississippi Burning | Notting Hill


Ben has the ability to give you what you need and not necessarily what you ask for. A rare talent, who always gives you something you didn’t expect, yet is so right for the story. His creative approach to making music makes for fresh and unexpected insights into the emotion of your narrative. Ben’s got charm and flair and his colourful life gives him all the inspiration you’ll ever need.”

Director, Giant Films


Antoni Schonken is an exceptionally gifted musician and South Africa’s leading composer for his age. I admire him for his immense creativity, but also for the meticulous sense of detail in his work. I recommend him in the strongest terms.”

Concert Pianist


Arthur and Antoni delivered exceptional results. Their grasp of the end product, and ability to pitch the performance level at the players, guaranteed multiple successful performances of their work. Bravo!”

Director, Bellville Symphonic Wind Band


“Over the years, Antoni‘s works have come to demonstrate his versatility and adventurous creative spirit, as well as his predilection for sonic beauty; without exception they are all of the highest possible technical and artistic standard.”

Acclaimed South African Composer


“As an artist, Ben Ludik is able to engage with the subconscious mind of the viewer. His music supports the internal emotions of a character whilst maintaining communication with the external visual landscape; his talent therefore lies in his ability to become a co-storyteller within a film. Ben is a talented person with passion and stamina.”

Director, Wonderwerker


Antoni has produced some of the finest work from a composer in South Africa.”

Acclaimed South African Composer


“It has been very inspiring to work with composers Arthur and Antoni. Their work is exciting, beautiful and full of fresh ideas.”

South African Cellist