Music Recording

It’s undeniable that recording has changed over the last few decades. Budgets are smaller, deadlines are tighter and everybody involved is busier. Affordable top quality gear and pre-recorded virtual instruments are all around us, begging the question: why go to a studio to record?

Besides a jaw-dropping offering of worldclass recording halls and rooms, Sein most importantly offers the expertise of seasoned passionate recording professionals to help you plan the course of your production—to navigate the sea of choices and make the decisions that will keep your process flowing towards the best possible quality outcome.

Our recording production ethos hinges on preparation and defining production values from our client’s perspective, but when it comes to the execution of the gameplan, we strive to make use of the most sophisticated application of technology to achieve results. This implies fluency in a wide variety of available audio recording, editing and mixing software (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Studio One & Reaper). Such fluidity enables an integrated workflow with clients who take an active role in the production process as well as the ability to select the most effective software tools for the evolving nature of modern productions.

Sein also boasts an impressive collection of oldschool and newschool hardware, for more information see our gear list.

Our credits list should make it clear that we have the firepower to deliver the goods, from chart topping pop-hits to delicate pristine classical recordings—from capturing the magic as it happens live, to meticulously building a production in the studio.