Sein offers prime film scoring and music recording services in the heart of the winelands at Stellenbosch University. Our creative processes are underpinned by an ethos of excellence, while our agile, data-driven methodologies allow us to deliver the highest quality productions with a fast turnaround, at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. At Sein, we maintain our position at the forefront of industry developments through our close proximity to Stellenbosch University’s research and education activities.




With a team of five composers, we provide world-class scoring with consistency and efficiency.

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Music Recording

If it makes a sound we can capture it—we manage music productions across all genres.

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Our team of diverse, award-winning composers are ready and eager to collaborate with you.

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Sein has two specialist orchestrators on the team to manage your orchestral project in any genre.

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Sein is situated in an ideal training environment, with dedicated staff and facilities to help you gain and hone valuable new skills.

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Location Recording

Whether you require buzz sound for your next film, or local recording of your event, we have you covered.

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Digital Asset Management

In partnership with Custos we can supply watermarking and Bitcoin blockchain technology to protect your digital media files from online piracy.

Production Design

We design production environments for film productions, television shows and media production studios. We use research-driven lean and agile methodologies to help deal production environments with the disruption the media industry is currently facing.




Sein boasts a team of highly experienced expert creatives, technicians, and managers to take care of even the most complex of projects, from its inception through to its final delivery.

Arthur Feder

Arthur Feder


Arthur Feder holds an MMus in Composition (with a focus on orchestration) cum laude from Stellenbosch University. He is particularly passionate about composition, pedagogy, and the promotion of new music, and as part of the managerial team for the student initiative KOMPOS, he assisted in premiéring more than 80 orchestral and chamber works. Currently, Arthur lectures in Music Theory and Composition at Stellenbosch University.

As a composer, Arthur’s multifaceted output includes work in  jazz, film, mixed media and art music idioms, and he regularly receives commissions from leading ensembles and organisations in South Africa and abroad.  Arthur’s film scores range from feature length to short films, animations and documentary series. Together with his colleague, Arthur manages an annual collaboration with The Animation School in Cape Town that involves students from the Music Technology and Composition programs to produce scores for animated short films. Since 2014, this collaboration has produced over 20 national and international awards.


Jesse Dreyer

Jesse Dreyer

Production Manager

Jesse Dreyer is a composer, arranger, orchestrator and production manager, small and portable for your convenience. She is ready to undertake any challenge, be it rock-climbing, mixed martial arts or composing music for your film. Her versatility and dynamic skill set help her to navigate the fast-paced worlds of film, television and music she is passionate about. She believes that creative industries require innovative thinkers with creative solutions.

Based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Jesse has a Bachelor’s degree in Music, cum laude, and is currently busy with her Master’s degree in composition under the guidance of Dr Gerhard Roux and Dr Philip Antoni Schonken.  She has received master classes from nearly every major composer in her country.

Jesse enjoys a vibrant performance career both in South Africa and abroad, and is regularly involved in collaborative projects with The Animation School in Cape Town; one of her projects won a Gold World Medal at the 2017 New York Festival, and recently also a SAFTA. She served as music production manager for an International Wildlife Film Festivalaward-winning documentary in 2017 and is regularly involved in the organization of contemporary music concerts.

Excellence, reliability and friendliness are the qualities Jesse prides herself in, carrying out all her tasks with efficiency and finesse.

Gerhard Roux

Gerhard Roux

Director, Systems Designer

Gerhard Roux is an audio recordist from Stellenbosch, South Africa, and a voting member of the Recording Academy for the Grammy Awards.

Gerhard has worked with the three-time Grammy Award winning group Ladismith Blach Mambazo, Grammy Award winning band Switchfoot, as well as Oscar winning composer Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans, Notting Hill, Mississippi Burning). Gerhard’s productions have received 16 SAMA nominations, Un certain Regard selection at the Cannes Film Festival, the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (“German Record Critics’ Award”), an Annie Award for the film Zambezia, SAFTAS for the films Noem My Skollie and Khumba as well as appearing in the Grammy Awards submission list multiple times.

Gerhard specialises in natural acoustic recording of classical music, surround recording, mixing of film scores, and lectures music Technology at Stellenbosch University. His research focuses primarily on managing the complex adaptive nature of audio production systems, with a special focus on socio-technical interface in creative environments.

Antoni Schonken

Antoni Schonken


Antoni Schonken is a musical problem solver, an award winning composer of art and film music, and a part-time lecturer in composition and orchestration at Stellenbosch University.

As an academic, Antoni has received an impressive list of over 40 scholarships and study grants, and as a creative he has attended the world’s oldest and most prestigious residencies. Antoni has produced soundtracks for various film projects, of which 12 have won awards at the South African Film and Television Awards, New York Film and Television Festival, Cape Town International Animation Festival, International Wildlife Film Festival, the 48 Hour Film Festival, and the Filmpalooza held in Paris. His work has screened at Annecy and Cannes Festivals. Commissions by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Oxford Camerata, Unheardof//Ensemble, Juliet Quartet, Johannesburg International Mozart Festival, GrassRoots Festival, and Sinfonia Gaia have allowed Antoni to travel and teach abroad in Europe and the USA.

Antoni holds four degrees in music, including a doctorate in composition/orchestration. Coupled with his extensive experience in orchestral writing and sampling, as well as 20 years of choral singing and conducting, he is a formidable and versatile film music composer and producer.


Stefan du Toit

Stefan du Toit


Stefan holds a CA(SA) qualification and completed his Honours degree in B. Acc at Stellenbosch University in 1999. Throughout his career he has gravitated toward growth and innovation and has local and international experience.

His experience includes growth management at a NASDAQ listed company in the USA, turnaround and business management consulting, founding a company in SA focused on developing energy efficient products, energy hedging in Southern Africa, gearing up the international footprint of a SA media startup (into Europe, Asia, North and South America) and even taking some time after the financial crash to kitesurf his way through South America.

He is passionate about continuous learning and his focus and Innovus is the commercialisation of various assets at Stellenbosch University, as well technologies and intellectual property resulting from university activities.



Studio A

Ben Ludik in Studio A recording a string quartet for RootedStudio A’s 20m2 asymmetrical control room, with a perforated aluminium ceiling, is equipped with a ProTools HD 3 Accel System and Studer 16-track analog tape recorder. It is fitted with a Bowers & Wilkens 805D 5.1 surround monitor system as well as an additional pair of Genelec 1031A’s for stereo. Analog processing includes EMT 140 spring reverbs. The Control Room boasts odd spaced walls with broadband absorption panels and quadratic residue diffusors to ensure a superior listening environment. Studio A allows for audio capturing from both the Submarine and the adjacent Fismer Hall.

Fismer Hall

The Fismer Hall is a spacious venue with truly excellent acoustics, and two Steinway D grand pianos come standard. Designed with a trivial auditorium lift towards the rear, this recording space has a wooden surface area of 234.9m2. The Fismer Hall is connected to the main control room via a large double-window, facing the stage from the rear right side. The solid wooden floor, together with odd-shaped walls and proper acoustic dampening in the ceiling, add to the smooth, controlled reverb time of roughly 1.3 seconds.

It is very well suited to capture piano, jazz band, chamber music, or any combination that would benefit from a good room sound. This is also an excellent space to get a truly huge sound from a drum kit or loud guitar cab.


The Submarine is an asymmetrical, quadrilateral room with a surface area of 39.5m2. This venue has no parallel surfaces, and the entire room ‘floats’ within a shock-absorbing rubber shell. The interior consists of hard walls treated with movable sound absorbers (for eradicating any prospective standing waves), a hard odd-shaped ceiling, and a soft-tiled floor. A large double window connects this floating studio with the main control room — ideal for communication.

Studio B

Studio B is a ProTools HD Native-equipped venue that is primarily employed for educational purposes, training, or for use by our students. It consists of a small control room and recording booth, and can also capture audio from the world-renowned Endler Hall. When smaller teams are involved, this studio is ideal for film work.


Endler Hall

The Endler Hall is an auditorium-style venue with a large, solid beechwood stage, elaborate acoustically treated walls and very high stage ceiling. The Endler has a wooden surface area of 573.2m2 and a ceiling height of approximately 15 meters. Due to the oddly shaped walls and auditorium-style seating, the reverb in this hall equals approximately 1.8 seconds — lower than expected from the sheer capacity of the room. The Endler is best suited to capture symphonic ensembles, choirs, and any other instruments that would benefit from a beautiful natural reverb. Here you will find two world-class Bösendorfer 280 grand pianos on stage as well as a magnificent Marcussen tracker-action pipe organ with 44 stops, three manuals and pedals.

Studio C

Studio C is a versatile, well-equipped, in-house electronic music production studio and editing suite. Digital Audio workstations like ProTools 10, Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase and Reaper. Various analog tape recorders (Otari 16-track, Brenell and Studer 8-tracks) are available in this studio. Analog synthesizers like the ARP 2600 (1978) and Synthi 3 (1978), and digital synthesizers like the Synclavier (1981) and Roland D50 (1987) are also available. Analog processing include various mechanical reverbs like the EMT 140 and 240 plate reverbs, as well as the AKG BX20 spring reverb.

Studio D

Studio D is a Pro Tools HD2 Accel based studio most often employed to capture audio from the Endler, and due to its larger size it is primarily used for 5.1 surround projects and sound-for-film post-production. Bowers & Wilkens 705 monitors and a KRK surround system are used in this venue.